RSD - Naked Mario Kart

One of the godfathers of the bristol music scene, Rob Smith aka RSD is currently riding a wave of popularity generated by the interest both in Dubstep and the Bristol Sound. Black Box is pleased by releasing one of his most in-demand dubplates: "Naked Mario Kart". What an atmosphere - what a fantastic tune!!!

Draxter - Ten Rozmarin

Draxter wrote: "A tribute to my hometown traditional music. Samples taken of a local folk group MKS Rozmarin Pliesovce and their anniversary record cd. Its an EPIC celebration of oldschool meeting the new, fresh sound of future... As my friend said - Folkstep=) Hope u N_JOY!"

Nirvana - Smells Like Teen Spirit (Dual Remix)

An absolute must have in any mix! IMHO

Yann Tiersen - Goodbye Lenin (Dubstep Remix)

Really smooved out shit! This isn't a heavy one. This is simply chilly! Sorry, but I don't know the artist of the remix to share my props to him or her. If you do, pls tell me.

La Roux - Tigerlily (B. Rich Remix)

When I first heared Skream's Remix to "In For The Kill", I fell in love with the La Roux-remix-wave! This is another phat tune and I bet you'll like it!

La Roux - Tigerlily (Kleptomaniak D&B Remix)

La Roux - I'm Not Your Toy (Nero Remix)

Tiësto - Knock You Out feat. Emily Haines (B. Rich Remix)

UBERPHATT!!! I SERIOUSLY ADVISE YOU TO HAVE A LISTEN!!! There was a remix-contest of this tune going on on Beatport. This (let's call it) Ravestep-remix will Knock You Out!

Finally - Kings Of Tomorrow (Jor-One Dubstep Remix)

Evil Kitten - Overdose

Overdose starts at 1:30 when the bassline knocks at ya door! Nice work from Evil Kitten! To have a listen the other new songs got to:

La Roux - In For The Kill (Skream's Let's Get Ravey Mix)

Trust me: Definetly one of the best remixes and tunes of 2009. This massvie bassblast isn't very new to the dubstep scene, but I always forgot to post it here. When I heared it first I was instantly flashed!! It soon became one of my all-time favourites - and I hope so is yours!

In For The Kill (Louis Philippe D&B Mix)

In For The Kill (Hoffnsav Breaks Mix)

Eurythmics - Sweet Dreams (Noisia Remix)

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Doorly Remix)

Fantastic remix of that fantastic tune! Click "dwnld" to get it as an mp3 or check out the hypemachine to search for this and other tunes on my blog..

Basement Jaxx - Raindrops (Doorly Remix) [dwnld]

Sorry for the poor sound quality of that video here!

Calvin Harris - I'm Not Alone (Doorly Remix)

Calvin Harris given the Doorly Remix! Different but I like it..

Tanya Stephens - Can't Breathe (Matt Shadetek Dubstep Remix)

Big Up fi dat Monstah Bass! Heavyweight Dubstep Remix of Tanya Stephen's gorgeous "Can't Breathe" off her album "Rebelution", out now on 12" on Dutty Artz. Check, or for more info. Enjoy!

Gary Jules - Mad World (Chemikal Dubstep Remix)

Chemikal remixes the minimalism of Gary Jules' rendition of "Mad World" into a deep dubstep tune. This one's getting play from some of the Island's finest.

Bassador - Tomorrow Dub

Big shout out to Benedict Steuer aka Bene Bass aka Bassador! He dropped some fine tunes over the last weeks.. but his newest one "Tomorrow Dub" flashed my mind and my ears! Is it the crazy melody, sounding like apes on dope, the sharp delay or the deep bass that makes me feel like chasing white rabbits? I don't exactly know; just that I favour this tune! BIG UP!

Bassador - Tomorrow Dub by BASSADOR

Rick Ross - Hustlin' (Devious Dubstep Remix)

KCAT - Boys Don't Cry (Noizy Neighbor Pedro Remix)

KCAT's hyper infectious disco-pop ditty "Boys Don't Cry" gets a dance floor makeover from Christian Davies and Noizy Neighbor Pedro. Davies' revamp is a ferocious club stomper while Noizy Neighbor turns the sassy tune into a slow-churning dubstep edit. The remixes help stir up momentum for the feisty London singer who will be releasing "Boys Don't Cry" as her debut single later this month. Have a listen and dance a little.

KCAT - Boys Don't Cry (Noizy Neighbor Pedro Remix) [dwnld]

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