Introducing: FR33M4N

As soon as he was able to hear, lil´ Freezy began to get interested in music, recording and mixing. He started with all kinds of different recording and playback devices and ended up with a good equipped home recording studio in cologne, where he now uses his DAW for electronic music production. Besides that he has quite a history in DJing as well. At the age of 15 he joined a DJ-Team at the local youth center in Würzburg and ended at the street parade in Zürich a few years later. After moving to cologne he concentrated on live sound engineering & music production. Since 2009 he is back on the turntables to move the dancefloors.

Muse - Feeling Good (Fr33m4n´s Dubstep Bootleg) by FR33M4N

Fr33m4n - Bass Bizzness (Dubstep Remix) by FR33M4N

Fr33m4n - On Fire (feat. Rascal MC) (Dubstep Mix) by FR33M4N

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