Monkey Remix Contest #1

A few days ago, the remix contest for Wally's tune "The Grind" was closed. It was the first contest hosted by Monkey Dub Recording. The winners are announced. Let me introduce them to you!

Wally - The Grind (Original)
[ORIGINAL] MDR006.A - Wally - TheGrind by Monkey Dub Recording

And the winner is:
Wally - The Grind (Reign grinded up Wally remix) by Reign

Special: (my favourite one)
Wally - The Grind (L.F.R.'s heavy industry mix) by L.F.R.

and here's "the rest":
Monkey Remix Contest #1
Be sure to check the "Cavalaska Remix"! That one really rocks! You also can download these tracks.

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