Project Midnight on Reboot Records

A fresh label entered the ring, showcasing the talents of Project Midnight. Based in Glasgow, Reboot Records has three upcoming releases and you definitely should keep your eyes and ears open. The tunes are some true dancefloor-smashers and you shouldn't miss them played on a full stack. Nod your fuckin' heads for these! If you want you can pre-order the release on Juno or click the "Buy-Botton" in the tracks below.

BOOT001 - Project Midnight - Sound Off by Reboot Records

[dp highly recommends]
BOOT001 - Project Midnight - Dream to Me by Reboot Records

BOOT002 - Project Midnight - Get High by Reboot Records

[dp ultra highly recommends]
BOOT003 - Project Midnight - Laser Beam by Reboot Records

Don't waste your time on facebook! Listen to these tunes, turn your speakers up, listen to them again, feed your walkman with it and nod your fuckin' heads!

Massive props to Project Midnight for this!

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