Subbass – Dubstep Made In Germany

Released on : SUBBASS
Artists : Bassrael, pasheena, Dexter Dub, modul8, Bassador, Speciez, chiptronic, Rainer Kot, Dr. Kaya & DareDeep feat. FreeDaBeast, Norris Norisk, Pinju, Budjunky, Genetic Krew, Dazid, Wasserstoff, Tourette, ArtLess
Catalog number : SB001
Playtime : 01:14:51 - 320kb/s - 140.34MB
Date released : 2010/08/05
Date published : 2010/08/05 11:08h
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License : creative commons by-nc-nd 3.0

Electronic dancemusic has prospered and diversified the last decades. While in Germany Techno and House music have been the apparent dominating genres appreciated by the clubbers, Breakbeats and D'n'B just got particular attention. Dubstep makes a change and gathers Breakbeat and D'n'B heads, just as HipHop and Reggae socialized blokes and Techno lovers.The media hype on what-so-called Dubstep is not over yet, rather it is still growing. While established media is following the newest step, the most djs and large parts of the audience on a night would more likely cheer up to a ravy and dark halfstep sound, while a more garage or four-to-the-floor orientated tune will keep them dancing in the dawn.

This compilation wants to present some people out of the german dubstep scene. This compilation can't and doesn't want to claim the representation of all the variety produced in Germany.
But it wants to show that there are some people for which the production of tunes is a big part of their passion in supporting the emergence and rooting down of sustaining structures for low frequency music.


Subbass – Dubstep Made In Germany [dwnld]

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